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Rock Lover Mystery Box
Rock Lover Mystery Box

Rock Lover Mystery Box

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A mystery Box containing a collection of mixed specimens of the crystal, mineral, or fossil varieties. A note letting you know what the specimens are will be included. 

The image of the stones above is a representation of what your Tier I mystery box may, or may not, look like...?

Select which Tier you would like above.

Tier II and III are more of a mystery. No pictures will be included. 

We will say, though, that Tier III is better than Tier II, which is better than Tier I.

We will, at random, pick through the customers who have purchased the Rock lovers mystery box Tier III to send a golden box. 

If you receive that golden box It will contain an art piece of $100 value as well as your Tier III mystery stones. 

There is a very small chance you will ever win the golden box.