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Rocks Made to Rock!

"Rocks made to Rock"

A line of work developed by artist Jack Hoque. These agate guitar picks have a unique sound, and are made from a very durable material. Jack isn't the first to make agate guitar picks, so if you want to know what other artists think of them you can Google "agate guitar pick reviews". These particular picks are of the highest quality and some of the rarest agates that exist known as "iris agate". When you use a flash light or a single point of light in the right way, the band's of this particular agate light up displaying a full spectrum rainbow making the agate highly desirable as is! Each pick is free hand cut, carved and polished insuring a completely one of a kind pick. The carvings make for great grips for the pick while in use!

By Jack Hoque of @forgedelements 

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