Our first blog!!

Welcome to our first blog everyone!! This is a great update for us since we now have a new way to introduce amazing artists and art pieces to the gallery as well as a way to educate and inspire the community! So excited to begin 😍 

I figure the first blog would be a good time for me to introduce myself! My name is Joseph Gallagher and I was born and raised in beautiful Southern Oregon and stayed here. I am a minimalist and live in a tiny home/5th wheel with a wonderful dog named Bo and a purrfect cat named Wormwood. I have always been fascinated with gems ever since my mom would bring me mini mining sets from the Crater Rock Museum when I was a wee lad. I am an artist and paint acrylic on canvas paintings, which initially gave me the idea to create a gallery where I could feature and promote other artists to help support them and drive sales. I didn’t really get started, though, until I met the amazing Jack Hoque one day in Tuscon and when he learned what I was trying to do he inspired me to really take steps forward and see it as a full time job. Jack continues to help promote me and help support me to this day. Geomancy Gems would be nothing without him. Okay that’s enough of our story for now, but we will be back with many more block posts introducing many amazing pieces, educating the community, promoting artists, and much more! 
Thank you to all of our supporters,

Joseph Gallagher, 

Geomancy Gems